Guest Bloggers


As summer comes to an end I’m slowly coming to the realization of how busy I will be this year.  I’m taking on a new position at a new school and will likely be consumed with learning my role for several months to come.  My goal is to maintain my blog and post at least once a week, but realistically this falls at the bottom of my list of priorities.  But there are many intelligent, opinionated people out there who have been waiting for the right forum to discuss their feelings and share information on educational issues.  So if you’re a teacher, parent, student or concerned individual who would like to give an opinion or open a discussion on a topic pertaining to education please type up your thoughts and email them to me.

I’m going to start a new category called “Guest Blogger”.  Your post will appear with your byline.

Whether it’s something you just learned, or something you’ve known for years, it may be new helpful information to someone else.  The more people discussing topics the more we can learn from each other.  It can be long or short, for parents or teachers; just share your thoughts.  So if you have something to say then be heard (or read) here first.


About karicalcote

I'm married to the love of my life and we have one son. I've worked in education as a teacher, behavior coach and diagnostician. I started this blog so I would have a place to share what I'm learning. Education is changing and we all have to work together and share information if we want to keep up.

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